Making Home Sweet Home Even SWEETER!

A home is one of the greatest assets you will ever own. Refinancing allows you to tap into that asset to lower payments, modify your loan terms, or fund home improvement projects. It involves many of the same elements as a home purchase but on an abbreviated timeline. This is another area where Inspired Mortgage Brokers really shine as we employ creativity and adaptability to find the ideal financing solution to fit your needs. As a result, you may walk away from the table with more money in your pocket to fund your inspired life or create a home environment that continues to inspire you every day.

How It Works


Discuss Goals

Review your current situation with an Inspired Mortgage Brokers team member and discuss your goals, i.e., home improvements and debt consolidation.


Explore Loan Options

Review side-by-side comparisons of several loan options to help you decide which option is best for you.


Refi Pre-Approval

Review credit and income documents for a “refinance pre-approval.”


Launch Loan Approval

At this time, we will order an appraisal, if needed, and start the loan approval process.

Why Us

  • As a Family-Owned Brokerage Company, We Want to Help Other Families Achieve Your Dreams of a First or Forever Home
  • We Invite You to Lean into Our Mortgage Industry Expertise That Spans More Than 25 Years
  • We Pledge That Every Client is Seen and Heard so We Can Create the Best Financing Solutions to Meet Your Needs
  • We are Committed to Learning Your Unique Needs, Removing Any Fears, and Replacing Them with Confidence
  • As a Broker, We have Access to Dozens of Wholesale Lenders, so We can Act as Your Personal Mortgage Shopper to Find the Best Product and the Lowest Rates Available to You


Inspired Mortgage Brokers can typically get you to the closing table within 21 days of our initial discovery discussion.

The only upfront cost when refinancing is the cost of a home appraisal if needed. Appraisal fees vary depending on the size and location of your home.

You can pull 80% of your home’s value with no limit on how much cash you receive up to $726,200. However, jumbo investors do have cash-back limits that vary.

Yes, there are no restrictions on what you must do with your cash.

There are closing costs involved with a refinance, but we can look at options to greatly reduce costs, have them paid by the lender, or rolled into your loan.

Typically, if you can cover the cost of closing with your monthly savings in less than two years, a refinance is a wise investment.

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