Take the First Step on the
Path to Your New Dream

You have a vision in mind. And we want to help you achieve it. In a crowded and competitive marketplace, it’s wise to have all the tools necessary to land the home of your dreams. Our proven and simple 4-Step Plan for Mortgage Success gives you a distinct advantage over competing buyers by being preapproved for a mortgage loan. It reassures the seller that you are well-prepared (and will be well-funded) to buy their home.

How It Works


Credit Review

We begin by closely examining your credit profile to gain insights into your fiscal health and get early cues into which loan products might best fit your needs.


Income and Asset Documentation Collection

Once we’ve completed your credit review, we’ll dive deeper into your finances by reviewing your income and assets. This will put you ahead of the game for your loan approval.


Underwriting Review and Pre-Approval

This step gives you and the seller the peace of mind that you’re not merely handing them a standard “pre-qualification” letter but a pre-approval letter that’s been reviewed and approved by a loan underwriter.


Creating Your Buyer Brand Image

Inspired Mortgage Brokers amps up the power of your pre-approval letter by creating a video to accompany it. We then send both to the listing agent and seller to explain why YOU are the perfect buyer for their home. It’s an unusual extra step we take to inspire them to sell to you and you alone.

Why Us

  • As a Family-Owned Brokerage Company, We Want to Help Other Families Achieve Your Dreams of a First or Forever Home
  • We Invite You to Lean into Our Mortgage Industry Expertise That Spans More Than 25 Years
  • We Pledge That Every Client is Seen and Heard so We Can Create the Best Financing Solutions to Meet Your Needs
  • We are Committed to Learning Your Unique Needs, Removing Any Fears, and Replacing Them with Confidence
  • As a Broker, We have Access to Dozens of Wholesale Lenders, so We can Act as Your Personal Mortgage Shopper to Find the Best Product and the Lowest Rates Available to You


By getting pre-approved, you let a seller know that your income and asset documents have been reviewed by an underwriter, making you essentially a cash buyer. In addition, because we have already collected your documents, we can close within 15 days to make your offer even more attractive.

A pre-qualification is based on a credit review, but documents are not collected, and income is not verified. It lets you know what you could qualify for to make a home purchase based only on a conversation.
A pre-approval goes one step further by collecting documents and having them reviewed by an underwriter. This lets a seller know you are serious about purchasing their home and avoids last-minute surprises or hiccups.

Not at all, because Inspired Mortgage Brokers runs a soft pull of your credit.

No, we do not. Once we complete the soft pull of your credit, the credit report is good for 120 days.

Inspired Mortgage Brokers doesn’t charge for pre-approvals. Your only investment is your time to complete the application and send us your documents.

We can give you numbers within 24 hours of the initial consultation. Turn times on underwriting review depends on how quickly you can get your documents to us, typically within 24 hours of submission to underwriting.

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